Ever imagined a machine occupied a part of the moon and a einstein in the machine world created a teleport device to teleport humans and bring the machines to rule the world we live in, i.e the earth. This is the senseless and illogical drama with overly stuffed action packs and good chances to perform but it is too late. It fizzles out in terms of story and narration. Transformers , dark of the moon , directed by Micheal bay brings back the sequel to the action figures by Hasbro’s transformers.

After Revenge of the fallen, now it is the revenge of the creator of the machine calling himself as einstein, called the Centinus prime and now the already earthly present good machines autobots bring centinus to life. They did not know the intention of centinus. How Optimus is now going to save the world from the danger within?

Narration in the movie is like a school child listening to fairy tales. We hear optimus speaking about a lost war and a part of their ship, crashes into the moon and years later Neil amstrong and his associates find the ship in the moon. This story is highly imagined and I want the viewers to digest this part. Now my question is why only moon? Why not create a imaginary planet just like the star trek did. This is where the mistake went. People are not going to believe this crap. May be small children, who might say later to their children that I saw a movie where machine parts landed in the moon and Neil amstrong would have been a real hero then, to discover a rare part of a UFO in moon. History can be redefined. Completely illogical and senseless.

Character development in the movie is  more single oriented. We see finally the main character in the movie, Sam witwicky has finally got a job amidst many try outs. He got it with a recommendation. Some characters disappear suddenly, and one character is already missing done by Megan fox and we have no idea what happened to her character? Some new characters in the movie, mainly two new ones, One is the CIA agent called as Mearing and another good looking handsome guy called as Dylan. Dylan may not be that handsome , of course only in looks but not inside. No need to mention about novel machines like a looping snake that digs buildings and also a bird that can be a computer inside any government office or personal places. They are ridiculous. Just for fun.

Performances in the movie looks a bit good. We see Shia labeouf , as usual shouting Optimus but something different here, He can leave tears at last. Rosie Huntington as Sam’s girlfriend, is no special. Patrick Demsey is now a cheap character and his talent is totally wasted in the movie. Nothing to speak about machines that rule the movie, they are the same and voices are also the same. Rest others did not have any special role.

Technical values are overly employed compared to the previous movies. We see a whole lot of 60 minutes buried with mindless and illogical action scenes, with lots of damage to the surfaces, buildings and also atmosphere. Cinematography and camera work have done a commendable job.  But editing should have been better to trim the action scenes. It was irritating and looked overly burdened with senseless action on screen.

Bottom line: Despite brilliant technical values and standard performances, movie is dark , hollow and looked disoriented with senseless script and ineffective narration to make it acceptable. Dark of the moon will always be dark, among the series. I give C for the movie.