My Personal View:

I have to be honest, I was a little worried at first because they seem to have jumped into the action without much room to create tension between the two main characters but I was surprised at all the material they had to work with. Out of a 10 I would put it on the high end of a 7.  Allison McAtee (Catherine) and Sarah Stouffer (Jackie) had colossal chemistry working for them in this movie.  Emotions ran high and they didn’t hold back when it came to the more intimate moments.  As a member of the LGBT community I myself would have preferred more of a sexual tension leading up to the “forbidden” relationship between the two but regardless this was a great movie.  I wouldn’t mind watching it again and this is one that will defiantly have it’s own place in my LGBT home collection.  If you liked watching “Loving Annabelle” this film has basically the same general concept but without the uneasiness of making it’s viewers feel like pedophiles for wanting the couple together, which I was guilty of.  The teacher and student in this film are both portrayed as adults so cheer away….. out-loud even!

About the Movie:

This film is a lesbian based Romance/Drama written and directed by Fernada Cardoso.  It falls upon the plot of a “forbidden” love affair between a college student and her professor.  Jackie (Sarah Stouffer) is a new student who is an ex-child movie star trying to cope with the difficulties associated with fans and jealousy among her study group friends.  Upon arriving at the campus she starts to hear rumors about Catherine Stark (Allison McAtee), the Abnormal Psychology professor who has an ingenuity for sleeping with her students both male and female.  Not long after, the two run into each other and Jackie gets to find out first hand if the rumors she’s been hearing are true and to what extent.  The two share a hot and sexy relationship that seems to have an endless amount of affection for each other.  Will this be the love they both we’re looking for or is this just another student notch in Professor Stark’s belt?

Bloomington (2010)