Wanted features a cast made up of Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman, and James McAvoy from last year’s Atonement. Now while this might not exactly sound like the recipe for a successful action film it works rather well in the end. James McAvoy plays a cubicle driven common place worker who of course hates his job, his boss, and even his girlfriend who is cheating on him with his best friend. He often thinks to himself of what he’d like to do to these people or what he’d like to happen and for the first twenty or so minutes I feel like I’m watching a blatant rip off of Fight Club and Edward Norton’s character only used with much less style and about half as much kick ass properties. All this aside though the droll annoyed characteristic works with McAvoy in the role and he leads us along this movie until Angelina Jolie shows up to inform him that his father was murdered that day on the top of a rooftop by one kick ass sniper, who just happens to be right behind him at the time… BOOM…

Now let me take a quick moment to discuss my feelings on Miss Angelina Jolie… While I haven’t quite jumped on the bandwagon that she’s insanely hot and the best thing since sliced bread I will say that like it or not this woman has some acting talent and while she doesn’t fully use it here she’s no pain on the eyes either. Moving on.

After that little encounter in the supermarket which turns into a full blown Grand Theft Auto car chase complete with flying (and curving) bullets McAvoy’s character is taken to Angelina Jolie’s headquarters where Morgan Freeman explains that they are a Fraternity of brothers, aptly named THE FRATERNITY, and that they carry out assassinations assigned to them by some cloth that knows binary code. For those of you who aren’t geeks and don’t know what Binary code is… think back to the days when you watched the matrix and saw all of those 1’s and 0’s floating up and down on the screen. Well that’s binary code, only in reality it looks half as cool. Anyways, this magical cloth provides names for people who need to be assassinated because the cloth is sent by… … Fate…. Or something and it is to prevent further bad things from happening… you know… like assassinations…

But in the end they follow the philosophy, Kill One, Save a thousand, or at least Angelina Jolie does, I never heard it out of anyone else’s mouth, but I’ll take her word for it.

Well the movie progresses with McAvoy training to be this super assassin so that he can avenge his father while Morgan Freeman tries to teach him that he can indeed bend bullets as well as everyone else. He struggles at first, but if he didn’t we wouldn’t get that sudden shock and relief when he finally accomplishes his goal. After this new talent he hesitates on his first kill, but only for a second after which he curves the bullat like it’s nothing and proceeds from then on to shoot anyone that the cloth deems worty of death all under the guise of “trying to get to his father’s murderer.”

The film goes on in a big bang with it’s twists and turns and Morgan Freeman says some words that you normally would never expect Morgan Freeman to say, and then the movie’s over. After leaving this film I felt a familiar experience that I had felt before after watching the movie Speed Racer and I realized that this movie has the same redeeming qualities as that one. While the acting, story line, and movie overall are average or only slightly above, it’s the visuals that give it its big push towards Better than most. Yes the movie has it’s own feel and I was really into it. Even though they show that bullet’s point of view type of shot over sixty times it never really felt old and I was into it the entire time.

This film reminded me a bit of last year’s Shoot Em Up,which admittedly I did enjoy, and while it’s not as exaggerated as that movie, Wanted’s not as funny so they balance out in terms of which one is better. Overall though Wanted is fun flick, great for the teenagers who will flock to see it in theaters and a possible worthy addition to any DVD collection when it comes out… I give wanted a 3.5 out of five,counted down mainly because it reminded me of too many other movies and didn’t too anything to spectacular, but I still feel that it is worth the full price ticket… so go see it, it’s worth it.

P.S. I wanted some obscure photo from the film that didn’t have Jolie on it… … but apparently those don’t exist…

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