Director: Roland Joffè
Starring: Elisha Cuthbert

The Premise: This new offering from the Torture Porn genre is about a lonely Top Model who is drugged, kidnapped, and forced to endure her worst fears.

The Good: Joffè does a good job of creating tension and suspense. He gives a grainy, low-budget feel to the action that serves to build up the fear in both the viewer and the victim, Jennifer (Cuthbert). Sadly, that’s the only praise this appalling film deserves.

The Bad: Where’s the plot? No, seriously, where is it? Do the killers have a motive other than pure desire for the kill? It’s never really explained. The random, out-of-place flashback to the killers’ childhood does little more than add an extra layer of twisted evil to the story. It serves no purpose. And for a Torture Porn film, there’s surprisingly little torture endured by the victim. The killers are playing a game—that much is established—but there’s no explanation. There’s not much of anything, to be honest. The victim seems to spend more time sleeping than she does being scared. You spend the entire ninety minutes waiting for something truly horrific to happen—as you would expect from a film in this genre—and then come away angry that you’ll never get that time back.

Overall Verdict: Considering Joffè was once Oscar-worthy, this is a very poor offering indeed. If you like Torture Porn, re-watch the Saw franchise. Don’t waste your time on this.

1 thought on “CAPTIVITY (18)”

  1. Exactly right. Horrible movie and I do want those hours back, please. It wasn’t scary nor tense. Skip it.

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