Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Drama Rhyming Review For ‘Hysteria’

Rhyming Review For ‘Hysteria’

‘Hysteria’ is a comedy romance that tells the story of how the vibrator was invented
It sprung from treatments for women who were thought to be hysterical or demented

It seems that in England in the 1880’s hysteria was affecting many women of the day
One doctor discovered a unique treatment for this and women were lining up to pay

He found out he could relieve their symptoms by massaging them on their ‘special place’
Demand for this treatment increased and he hired an assistant to keep up with the pace

Doing many of these procedures every day caused the assistant’s hand to cramp badly
He was not able to ‘take care of’ the patients and was fired from this job, quite sadly

It was then he came across a device which he used to replicate the actions of his hand
This became known as the vibrator, now a popular device used by women in every land

The romance part of this story involves the daughters of the doctor who are both pretty
Maggie Gyllenhaal plays one daughter who runs a shelter in the bad part of the city

The lead role is played by Hugh Dancy with a supporting performance by Jonathan Pryce
I say it’s worth watching but note that the story is more about the people than the device

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