Ex-pro boxer, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), is struggling in the robot boxing industry with constant lost matches and a lot of money that he owes people. His eleven year old son, Max (Dakota Goyo) that he hasn’t seen in years, mother dies and before giving custody over the Max’s aunt, Charlie exchanges time with Max for a small fee from the rich aunt’s husband. After another one of Charlie’s robots is destroyed in the ring, he and Max goes to a scrap yard to find parts. An incident happens to where Max is saved from devastating fall by a robot’s arm. The connection between Max and the robot is instant and Max wants to put him in the ring. Problem is the robot is an older model and was built to take punches not give them. Will the robot survive in the ring? Will Charlie change his mind about being Max’s father? 


            I love this film! It is a great underdog movie with action, humor, Adeline, and emotional tidings. My favorite character is Max. Even though, he had just lost his mother and now has to spend unwanted time with his estranged father, he is not the typical sad, emotional kid that wants to rebel and tell the father that he hates and blames him for not being in his life. Max is very “ballsy.” He demands what he wants and when he wants it. Of course by him being the age of eleven he is very energetic, but the personality is an eye opener because I am not used to kids his age talking the way that he does and I liked it. I also like Charlie; he is stubborn and money hungry but also success hungry. He thrives on not quitting even when he keeps losing matches, which is inspiring. This is an Adeline, cheer out of your seats, triumph movie.  All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu ray.