Here’s the thing. Musicals were once a wonder of a generation of Film Lovers. Days when people would flock to the cinemas for classics such as “Singing in the Rain” or “West Side Story” are the stuff of legend. I do not disagree the passionate who still love musicals, it is not a dead genre and I happily went to go see “La La Land” because I heard nothing but good reviews. But as I sat there watching it, I wasn’t transported to the great place I go to when I watch a motion picture. Real cinema lovers understand there are four basic types of cinema: flick, movie, film and motion picture. Flicks are fun(“Top Gun”) movies are fun but have some substance(“The Sixth Sense”) films are lovely and can even bring out some emotion(“Seven”) but motion pictures take you to a place where you are so involved you can’t help but forget everything around you (“The Godfather”). Musicals. People, like me may understand what it is like to hear films and yes even sometimes flicks get nominated Best Picture (“Beasts of the Southern Wild”) The problem with musicals isn’t that they aren’t good, it’s that they aren’t Motion Pictures anymore. The real issue I take is only my opinion, so if you want “LLL” as I call it to win best picture, I can only shrug. Because there’s a trend going on, it says “If it’s a musical, It deserves to be at least nominated” no matter the merits or substance of the film itself. Let’s face it, “Chicago”-the last musical to win best picture, wasn’t all that great. The two other musicals to be nominated “Moulin Rouge” and “Les Miserables” left me completely irritated with poor acting, poor singing and above all terrible, terrible writing. If I offend I’m sorry, but this couldn’t go unsaid.