Month: January 2014

Twisted (2004)

When people talk about terrible, generic thrillers which do nothing to excite or challenge an audience, they’re talking about films like Twisted. There isn’t a single moment in this movie that is worth seeing, and...

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The Lazarus Papers (2012)

Disregard both the DVD cover and the trailer when deciding whether or not you should watch The Lazarus Papers. The former promises and action-thriller led by Gary Daniels and co-starring Bai Ling and a Machete-like Danny Trejo....

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Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Set in a small town in South Carolina, Beautiful Creatures is a teen romance whose trailers will remind scoffing audiences of Twilight, even if that isn’t exactly a fair comparison. In fact, with both the characters, the...

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The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

  Every movie franchise, like every revolution, needs a spark to get it going. The┬áLord of The Rings, Twilight and the phenomenal Harry Potter have all had that world wide┬ámass appeal, making them unstoppable. Everyone in...

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