Month: August 2011

Celda 211 (2009)

Juan Oliver (Ammann) wants to make an impression at his new place of work, so he comes to work a day early, where he is to start as a newly recruited guard of a state prison. As Juan is being toured inside the prison walls,...

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Conan the Destroyer (1984)

Conan the Destroyer is a better movie than its predecessor, Conan the Barbarian, for three reasons. The first is that there is weight behind the action scenes; it feels as if sword actually hits flesh when we see it on-screen....

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Friends With Benefits

I think I am going to be in a minority here when I say that Friends With Benefits is, without a doubt, the most predictable, clich├ęd ridden romantic comedy (he says still looking for the comedy part) I have had the misfortune to...

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Everything Must Go (2011)

Nick Halsey (Farrell) is having a bad day. He just lost his job and comes home to find out that his wife has left him as well, locking him out of his home and leaving all of his belongings on the front yard. With nowhere to go,...

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Mad Detective (2007)

A cop has mysteriously gone missing, and his gun has turned up as a murder weapon in several robbery cases. When rookie cop, Inspector Ho (Andy On) hits a road block in his investigation, he seeks the help of Detective Bun...

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