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Author: ravingmadscientist

Hugo *2011*

I despise, on a pretty consistent basis, the “masses.”  I ESPECIALLY hate the crap movies they love – just look at the box office any day of the week and you’ll know what I’m talking about (this week’s atrocities:  The Twilight...

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Puss In Boots *2011*

Anybody who even casually knows me is aware of the fact that I’m a huge, crazed, insane cat lover.  Hence, I loved the Puss in Boots character the moment he laid his huge, dilated, precious to-the-nth-degree eyeballs on me back...

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50/50 *2011*

50/50 is a lovely little film that mixes real humor with true sadness and fear – the sucker punch of facing a life-threatening cancer and treatment at the age of 27.  It’s based on the true story of the film’s screenwriter, Will...

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