Author: raeanndrew16

Hello! I am a 21 year old senior communication major at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I concentrate in digital journalism and documentary video. Right now my life consists of trying to build up my portfolio and to finish my senior project and graduate. I'm excited about my life after graduation and I think after a few years I'm going to continue my education and get my teaching degree, because I really think I would like to be a positive role model in young people's lives. Aside from school and career stuff, I love everything! I think life is so exciting and I love being outside. Whether I'm at a festival or fishing on some hidden mountain lake or just walking the streets of Philly, I love it all and I'm thankful for every day (even the bad days which I can really grumble about but later on I realize that it's just good to be alive). I also really enjoy electronic music and have been off and on learning how to Dj for the past four years.