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PeterP | Movie and Film Reviews (MFR)

Author: PeterP

The Misfits

Sometimes the drama behind the scenes overshadows the film itself — John Huston’s 1961 eulogy to the Western, The Misfits is such a film. A relatively obscure film (considering the cast), the movie has a strange...

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Lars and the Real Girl

What is real and what is delusion? Perception and reality are often seen as relative — we make our own reality and truth. If that is true, then what if one’s truth is markedly off from everyone else’s? This...

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Across the Universe

Director Julie Taymor (Frida) has a startling vision, and often accents her films with bizarre and unsettling special effects to punctuate a point. She also has a way with puppets and though she’s no Jim Henson, she still...

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The Family Stone

Family holidays are difficult for everyone, and the stress is compounded if someone is bringing in a new girlfriend or fiance. Writer-director Thomas Bezucha, The Family Stone, is a humorous family drama that presents a...

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Love Field

Interracial romance is always difficult to depict in film. There is a danger of being preachy and sanctimonious, talking down to the audience, instead of enlightening it.  Love Field is a film that tries mightly to teach viewers...

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