Author: mayank_js

British by birth, and Indian by ethnicity, I'm Mayank Gupta - a movie buff in the strictest of senses. As avid a cinephile as one can get without bordering on obsession, I'm drawn to motion pictures like a moth to a flickering film projector. A budding screenwriter by trade, having completed a Masters in Communication & Film from Wake Forest University, and currently pursuing an MFA in Film Production in LA, I'm working towards my dream of becoming a filmmaker. With extensive training in the rhetoric and history of film, I view motion pictures both from an artistic eye, and a critical standpoint. Currently developing two screenplays (one with an Academy Award winning Producer), I'm seeking representation, and continuing work on my spec scripts. Critiquing movies is a vent for me to analyze movies, think about their elements, and polish my writing. As any other collaborative form, I'm very open to other people's opinions, and welcome any and all feedback on my views. Mayank Gupta (