Author: jayanne

im studying at: ??? beloved school: JOSE RIZAL UNIVERSITY.. taking up Bachelor of Commercial Science major in Computer Science. ???....a member of student organization in our school (comsoc) a member of a christian org. ( Doulus for Christ Ministry ) usualy attending seminars... and workshop... Hobbies and Interests: ???.....i really loved to watch movies.. actually all kinds of movies..., i played chess and badminton,and most of all surfing to the internet Favorite Books: ???.....horror books, school books, magazin, and any other kind of books bsta trip kong basahin Favorite Movies: ???....Titanic and armagedon is the number one in least ..followed by wind struck, and a lot more movies hheheheh. actually all of the movies that ived are actually my favorites ........ Favorite Music: ???....well im a well rounded person..... all kind of music bsta trip kong pakinggan Favorite TV Shows: ???.....when i was in high scholl i really loved watching tv.. but now.... well i dont think so.... cause id rather watch movies, listen to music, eat while sound triping, internet browsing, and play chess than to watch tv programs..