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Author: aridawn


It is difficult to summarize the plot of “Transformers” in just a paragraph, and it is very boring if you do not have a voice with the awe-inspiring narrative capacity of Optimus Prime.  However, in a nutshell, this adaptation...

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Ambiguity is a core fixture in the moral code of the western in general, and Lawrence Kasdan’s Silverado in particular.  There is a certain necessary correlation between having morally tilted characters in westerns, considering...

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Romeo + Juliet

“Luhrman’s lack of ambiguous characters in Romeo and Juliet” Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has characters with flaws and strengths, which is what makes the characters so rich.  However, Baz Luhrman adds qualities to...

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Hot Fuzz Blurb

And following right on the heels of the Die Hard sequel, British smash Hot Fuzz squeals onto U.S. screens.  From the awesome creators and stars of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz is an excellent satire of action films, starring a...

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Live Free or Die Hard Blurb

Over a decade has gone by since John McClean last waged war against terrorism, but here he is, in the new film, “Live Free or Die Hard.”  Bruce Willis is back as the super-cop, guns and puns blazing.  Only this time, the enemy...

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