Starring Sean Austin, Rider Strong and Brian Presley this movie is rated nothing and shouldn’t be seen by anyone under the age of 17 (at least).  Run time is one hour and forty-four minutes long.

A trio of young college bound guys decides to take a trip to Mexico to fulfill last longings before they go off to the real world.  Once they arrive they meet up with some beautiful young girls and tries to get laid, only one does.  Unfortunately they run into a religious cult that practices Santeria and uses human sacrifice.  One of the boys goes missing and the police are unwilling to help find him.  Of the three boys two of them go through horrible trauma, and two police officers also meet bad ends.  With the help of a young traumatized senorita the remaining boys search for their friend on their own, and realize that in Mexico things are run differently than in the USA.  The police live in the deepest pockets, and the rule of “don’t be a rat” stops everyone from talking, or helping.

Based on a true story this movie is more interesting than Hostel and Turistas because of the sole fact that it is based on a true story, so it could have really happened.  Also while some of the scenes are gory they are not over the top like both Turistas and Hostel (1+2).  Everyone pretty much knows that there are parts of Mexico that you should be careful in, and I am not just saying this since I have a friend who lives in Mexico and does not refute some of the horrific history the country has.  Sean Austin plays a pretty good sadist however his role was a little confusing since he was the only gringo among the group and he was not considered for the role of sacrifice.  I wanted a little more information about his character, like why he was there and how he came to be a part of the group, and felt that his character was not as developed as it could have been.  He didn’t seem as sadistic as he could have been.  The scenes of gore were well done and not too over the top, only one scene made me cringe and that was only because I like having my eyeballs in my head.

Since this movie was based on a true story I wanted a little more on the story.  How many people had disappeared because of this group?  Is the cult still active or have they disbanded because of police and government attention?  Do they have anything to do with the bodies that have been found in and around Juarez?  There were a lot of unanswered questions, and if the story is based on the cult that I believe it was based on then some of the scenes have been overly fictionalized and would have been more interesting if left in facts.  All in all though this movie is more frightening than movies such as the two Hostel movies and Turistas and that is just because it is true.  Plus it is in the same vein of another movie that was based on true crimes, Wolf Creek

If you want to see a scary movie that will scare you because it might actually happen watch this movie, or even Wolf Creek.  If you just want a scary movie this works for that too.  If you want something with a lot of gore go for one of the other movies mentioned, and skip this one, you would just be disappointed.  If you don’t like scary movies, stop reading this review and read the review of something you might actually be interested in!

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  1. Just so you know, the actor’s name is Sean ASTIN not AUSTIN. You should be a little more careful when writing your reviews.

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