Drive Thru

“Drive Thru” stars a handful of unknowns including Leighton Meester, Nicholas D’Agosto, and Van De La Plante. It’s written and directed by newby Brendan Cowles and Shane Kuhn (writer/director of Rednecks).

A beautiful young teen named Mackenzie (Leighton Meester) becomes the ensued victim of a deranged clown. This killer clown is determined to get revenge for being killed on his eighteenth birthday by Mackenzie’s mother. Now the killer clown must kill Orange County teens while waiting for Mackenzie to reach her eighteenth birthday to do what he does best.

All you need is a glimpse at the first five minutes of the film to get the drift that this has as much brains as every other killer clown movie. But, what the film lacks in brains it almost makes up for in gooey gore, campy humor, a cute lead, and one helluva killer clown. I have no problem admitting that the dialog is dated, the story is silly, and the film isn’t entirely memorable. It is simply a film not to be taken seriously. If you take this film seriously to even the smallest extent, every flaw will stand-out and dwell in memory. But if you tune into the mood for this kind of stuff, these flaws wont matter as much.

In a film of this type with a concept this daft, one would expect full-on gore, half-baked one-liners, and bad acting. The gore is certainly there and the sleazy one-liners are as present as can be, I had a hard time scoping out “bad” performances. The main actress does become drained of her acting skills that were surprisingly convincing near the end, but she still held her ground and never displayed what I would call bad acting.

I can’t quite go as far as recommending it, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself for the most part. The kills are repugnant (this is a good thing) and the crowd-pleasing ending are the film’s most redeemable qualities. While it is a long shot, “Drive Thru” has a very minimal chance of gaining a fan base. Mind you this chance is minimal.

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