After the divorce of Royal (Gene Hackman) and Ethilene (Anjelica Huston) Tenenbaum, their children grow up as child prodigies who experience success at a young age. Chas (Ben Stiller), a math and business genius, puts up his first corporation at the age of thirteen, Margot (Gwyneth Paltrow), the adopted daughter, earns thousands in grants for a play she had written in the ninth grade, and Richie (Luke Wilson), a tennis star who won the US Open three years in a row when he was seventeen. After a series of mishaps and depression, the siblings, all grown up, decide to move back-in with their mother at the old 3 storey apartment where they had grown up. Much to the their surprise, the father who had left them returns with news of his dying and that he wants to make things right with his family.

A comedy-slash-drama directed by Wes Anderson and is another co-written screenplay together with Owen Wilson.

The film follows the lives of three siblings who earn success and glory at a tender young age, and when all grown up, comeback together after years of depression and misfortune brought about by their father leaving them during a delicate time in their adolescent lives.

Probably one of the better castings in a Wes Anderson film. The film stars usual Wes avatars, Luke and Owen Wilson, Bill Murray, and Anjelica Huston, with the fine addition of Ben Stiller and Gene Hackman. The acting in this is enjoyable. Surprisingly good dramatic performances by the cast despite all that dry humor.

Another highly original Wes Anderson film. Loved the cast in this. More the dramatic comedy than pure comedic fun. Nicely narrated that we get a good sense of whats happening at all times, as well as a nice individual introduction to all the characters in the film. Its a very calm and lighthearted film. The story unfolds nicely and by the end, you get that fulfillment of having seen a really great movie.