Now I have not watched Malcolm Venvilles work and this is a first time for me. If this movie is of any indication of what his work is then he will be another director with an unorthodox approach to his directorial. HENRYS CRIME I believe is actually a powerful script that quite did not make it through due to a lot of sleep acting. Why Malcolm Venville did this is a mystery to me and certainly a question that only he could answer. Keanu Reeves a talented actor is seen as if he was half asleep while he was performing. We all know his talent, hence this most certainly is how the character was meant to be perceived; it didn’t work quite convincingly to me. Keanu Reeves although underplays tremendously, during some points of the movie really standout. (Especially when he has to act within the movie itself) It’s a pity they kept him tied down so tightly. It is crime on its own restricting Keanu Reeves as such. James Caan and Vera Fermiga on the other hand were all out on their performances. Caan who plays as the mentor to Keanu really pulls out a De Niro I felt. Farmiga and Peter Stormare are my favorite; both had a touch of eccentricity in their performances and truly proved their talents.

Henry a toll booth worker lives a routine life with his wife Debbie. Henry seems to be a gentleman who did not care much for life and is a person who would agree to anyone or anything and just go with the flow. I almost felt that he just didn’t like problems/conflicts at all. If he could just be peaceful by even giving his wife up to another man instead of fighting for her, he will do it and he does it. This is Henry. So one morning once he returns home and having a boring breakfast with his wife there is a knock on his front door. An old high school mate asks him to join them in a soft ball game and Henry who does not like trouble or any sort of friction ; agrees. Little did he know that he was to be the driver of the getaway car that is to be used for a bank robbery? Even when his friends walked into the bank he did not know that they were going to rob the bank, this is how much he liked to be left alone. His friends get away but he is arrested while he sat there clueless of what was happening right beside him. Henry, who is sentenced to Jail, meets Max his cell mate, a veteran who is quite happy to be in Jail. Here he learns something “If you did the time, might as well do the crime”. This is exactly what he sets out to do as soon as he is set free.

This is how I see it, nothing more and nothing less.

Title: Henrys Crime

Directed by: Malcolm Venvilles

Starring: Keanu Reeves, Vera Farmiga, James Caan and Peter Stormare

Rated: R for Language

Rating; 05/10

108 Minutes