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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian


All I’ve been hearing from my friends is “Wasn’t Prince Caspian good?” or “Wasn’t Prince Caspian Excellent?” or even “Didn’t you just love that mouse?!” And my answer is a resounding “NO!”. Well at least for one of those questions, that mouse annoyed me one two many times with his Puss ~N~ Boots like nature, for the other two questions I answer with an unsure yet deliberate… “it was ok…”


It was ok… That’s really all Prince Caspian was, now maybe I’m being biased here seeing as how I’m only one of the five in the world that didn’t smother the first movie to death and I’ve never found any interest in actually reading the books, so if that little bit of information makes you completely disregard my opinion over this movie then I suggest you stop reading right now and go lie on your Narnia sheets…


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian which, for the sake of not dying typing that title over again, we’ll call “PC” indeed starts off rather well. A son is being born in Narnia… or what used to be Narnia and is now inhabited by humans who are oh so evil, and that son that is being born belongs to a man who wishes to be King. However seeing as he’s not a direct heir his cousin PC is next in line, now that this son has been born he can rightfully claim the throne as long as PC is out of the way… I wonder what’s going to happen now… Well PC escapes after being saved by some old Professor that reminds me of Dumbledore mixed with… a normal short old man, and as he runs into the “Dark Woods” (Harry Potter again) he is saved from his attackers by what seem to be moving grass… He desperately blows a magical horn given to him by the professor and apparently this angers the Narnian animals who knock him out.


We then join the four kids from the last time, respectably Kings and
Queens of a land they haven’t visited in… well 1300 years according to the trailer though nothing is specifically said in the movie… The eldest boy is in a fight for what appears to be nothing but an anger problem over some rude teenagers. Honestly, if every fight started as easily as this one apparently did then I would fear to go outside because of all the riots. Now right from the start the three older kids feel some tension about not being in Narnia and the youngest little girl is shown in pure innocence and hope of ever returning there. Well it turns out that the magical horn summons these four back to Narnia, to help save it.


That’s pretty much how the story starts and I hope I don’t have to explain where everything goes from there. They meet up with PC, they have to fight with the animals against the Evil Humans, and there are obstacles along the way. Now I don’t want to beat this film on the head with a bat over it’s Harry Potter similarities so I’ll just pummel it down over it’s similarities with Lord of the Rings. I was honestly confused at times on whether or not the director was going to get sued for some of the scenes in this movie. Walking trees in LotR, and walking trees in PC, acceptable. Orcs marching in square formats in LotR; Bad Narnia Men walking in EXACTLY the same formation as the orcs in PC… a little odd, but probably coincidence. Then they have the nerve to bring back the entire River guardian spiel from Lord of the Rings where a wave of water comes and takes down all the people on the horses. The Narnia film takes it a step further to make a Godzilla sized replica of Jesus emerge from the water and destroy all of the evil men on the bridge.


I’m sorry if you feel that I’ve spoiled the movie for you, but this movie is so predictable that you either already know what’s going to happen or your still in your mother’s womb. If you’re out of your mother’s womb and still don’t see how this movie will end then please return from whence you came, the world doesn’t need any more of you.


As a disclaimer for parents reading this I will tell you that this movie has an increased number of deaths, much more than the first Narnia film, even though most of them occur off screen. The acting is moderate, but at least passable, and the one thing I can applaud this film for are it’s visuals and it’s cinematography. When they were showing those long shots of PC escaping the castle the landscape looked so beautiful, it reminded me so much of Lord of the Rings… oh… look at that. So overall I give this movie a minor recommendation, it’s interesting enough not to keep parents bored most of the times, (some times the movie moves at a glacial pace…), and has enough talking animals and visuals to keep the kids entertained for this overly long 2 hour movie.



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  1. I would try being a tad less hostile and more objective in writing reviews. Its okay to hate a movie, and have an opinion (thats what we’re here for afterall) but don’t get so caught up it ridiculing those who did like the movie in your reviews. Just a suggestion. Also, a little research could be helpful and explains the similarities between LOTR and Narnia. Overall, I thought you presented your opinions quite clearly and expressively.

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