Blue Valentine   (112 min)

Acting and a cleverly drawn out plot makes up this depressing dramatic and powerful force of a movie. The movie makes us believe that this couple is real with how real it comes across. It streams a couple and their relationship, going back and forth in time from when they first met to recent day. One is progressively getting better and one getting progressively worse. It is accomplished with pin point accuracy and control by both the actors and the director. Where it is interesting is how both Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play their characters. They play both sides of the timeline with great accuracy. At one point they can seem like they are in love with each other and happy and then on the other side they pull off acting like they cannot stand each other; simply masterful. The downside to this film is the extremely sad and depressing ending that it leaves us hanging with. I guess that comes with the realism of it though. The movie is moving and the acting chops are academy award winning material. “Blue Valentine” is rated NC-17 for a scene of explicit sexual content.