Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

The year was 1984, Michael Jackson was the “King of Pop;” Prince had just released Purple Rain, and a young woman from Detriot was raising some eyebrows, among it all Indiana Jones was released in the summer of 84′. The film starring Harrison Ford is set in 1935 and begins in Shanghai and winds up in India. Needless to say Steve Spielberg hit another gold mind with this fun and exciting action adventure.

The plot of the film is as follows Indiana ends up in India after his plane crashes, he is then set to find magic stones that control these children who are slaves searching for the remaining two stones. After enduring several obstacles Indy sets the children free and returns them to their homes safely and defeats the bad guy who has the power to rip a man’s heart out of his chest.

What helps make this movie a sequel is a reoccurring theme; Indiana’s whip and his fear of snakes which is a great choice of phobia because many viewers can relate.  

This movie is a favorite for several reason; for starters their is never a dull moment, from start to end the movie moves with easy. Another reason why I enjoyed this film are the visual elements of the movie everything from the lighting to the costuming and the set design. The film has several examples of shadows that give the scene texture. The jungle and the animals also help with the visual feel of this movie. Finally, this movie is just fun the scene when the three main characters are trying to get away in a cable car. In this scene the viewer feels like you’re riding with them.

I would definitely recommend seeing this film. The movie sparks the imagination and makes us all feel like having an treasure hinting adventure. I would also recommend this movie because the new Indiana Jones movie getting ready to hit theaters next week.  

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