Iron Man

Iron Man is a non stop action packed thrill ride that will keep all the fanboys out there at ease. Robert Downey Jr. is in the role of which he seemed born to play billionaire playboy Tony Stark/Iron Man. Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges rounds out the rest of the cast.
Billionaire Tony Stark (Downey) has made his living chasing after women and inventing defense weapons for the government. During a test weapon demonstration in the Middle East Stark is kidnapped and wounded by terrorists. The terrorist demand him to make them one of his biological weapons to use in one of their attacks. Instead he builds a defense suite made entirely of iron and manages to escape. When he returns home Stark has a new perspective on life and improves his suite to become Iron Man.
One of the things that really made this movie was Robert Downey Jr.’s performance. He was perfect in every aspect of the character. And one of the main reason to see this movie. The other reason is simply the amazing special effects. Every action scene was so cool and awesome to watch, it’s just a shame that they didn’t have more of it. For director John Favreau I had my doubts at first if he could pull off a superhero movie, I’m used to him doing something with Vince Vaughn. But in the end he successfully pulled it off.
Everybody is giving the movie great reviews and calling it one of the best superhero movies, I agree to a certain aspect. I understand that there will be a trilogy of sort with this franchise and that the first movie really is an introduction to the character of Tony Stark. But I really do wish that there was more screen time of Iron Man in action. Sure we get to see him do battle in the end which I kind of think could have been a little bit better, and there is some stuff in the middle as well. But the movie kept me wanting more, I guessing thats what the filmmakers were wanting anyways. I look forward to the next installment of this franchise. The character Tony Stark seems the most real out of all the superhero’s they are putting out. He is a believable character with real issues , and not just some alterego personality disorder. If your a fan of the comic I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to see this movie.

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