Iron Man!!!

 It has been a long time since ive had this much fun at a movie. Iron Man kicks off the blockbuster season with an exiting, funny and very entertaining ride. Its the best superhero movie to come out in years and everything from the effects to the cast are right on. Even from a geek who grew up reading Avengers, and seeing Iron Man in the comics kicking ass, I can say this transition to the big screen was done with the intention of giving the audience a great time.

Iron Man stars Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, this is the best casting Ive seen in a comic movie…..ever. Tony Stark is a playboy party animal with a stripper pole in his private jet and living the life every normal guy dreams of. He drinks too much, takes everything for granted and if it wasnt for the fact that he is a weapon engineering genius, he wouldnt get too far. His beautiful assistant (Gwen Paltrow) and Airforce Col buddy (Terrence Howard, also a great casting move to you Iron Man die hards) are the only people in his life that actually care about him.  When Stark’s convoy gets ambushed and he’s captured during a weapons demo, he has to forge a super suit to escape. After the ordeal Tony wakes up and decides to use his talents to help the world instead of just making a buck.

I know Downey’s past habits arent exactly model citizen behaivior, but he’s not Captain America. Iron Man does drink too much, he is a jerk, and hard to work with. Downey was born to play this role, the goatee, his mannerisms even the cadence of his voice is exactly what Iron man should be and he is what makes this movie work. Actor/Director Jon Favreau knows what to do with a big budget, the effects are sharp and not too overdone. The sound is the best I’ve heard in a long while and metal hitting metal in this sounds alot better than last summer’s transformers. The rest of the cast is great and does a great job (especially Leslie Bibb, wow!), the humor is funny not corny and I could just keep going on.

I had a small problem with the movie’s score, and other nit picky details that are mostly nerdy comic book gripes that the average person watching wont even notice. I’ve always been okay with straying from the literature to deliver a good movie and thats exactly what Iron Man does.

This is the best movie to kick off a summer since the first Matrix back in 99′ and that is saying alot. I would only put it below Batman Begins and the first Spiderman movie as far as superhero movies are concerned period……this is a movie for everyone and stay after the credits, you’ll get a sneak peek of what might be next.

 Iron Man: A-

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