“Teeth” stars Jess Weixler as the dangerously beautiful Dawn and other not very well known actors. It’s written and directed by amateur Mitchell Lichtenstein, with “Teeth” being his first step into the liquid of film-making.

A high school student named Dawn (Jess Weixler) encounters some strange happenings with her body. Unaware of whether this is her body maturing or if it is something else. She soon discovers she still has alot to learn about her body. It’s not Dawn’s mouth that is teething, it happens to be something much further south.

They say every rose has its thorns. This one is so sharp, that even the lightest touch will leave a permanent mark on men’s most cherished body parts. This is a fashionably original nightmare that’s both seductively disturbing (for the men) and darkly humorous (for the women). Female genital mutation is certainly original and is explored in this film. This is an entry into the horror comedy genre, a genre that I am very familiar with, that is always smart and satirically horrific. Even though it does have a tedious start, the film picks up the tempo with a very disturbing scene.

The slow beginning develops the hazardous character Dawn, who has been teething in all the wrong places. It’s not very often that something new is shuffled into the mix of horror and comedy. But when it happens, it’s nothing short of refreshing. This is a very impressive directorial debut for Mitchell Lichtenstein, who clearly has a warped mind and used it in the most brilliantly innovative way possible. The acting was very appropriate, never quite overacting or exerting stiff performances. It’s sporadically gory with many scenes making me wince in agony.

This is one of the most bizarre and disturbing movies I have ever seen. It takes a bite out of the usual, chews it up, and spits it out forming an unimaginable creation. An aggressive work of art from an amateur who seems like a natural. He creates something that will haunt men for years to come, reminding them to get to know someone very well before getting intimate. It just might save their most treasured possession.

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