Mulberry Street

“Mulberry Street” stars a widely unknown cast that don’t show any acting skills and aren’t completely convincing. It’s directed by Jim Mickel and written by Nick Damici, who also stars in the film.

Mulberry Street is located in Manhattan and is infested with rats. These rats are infected with a virus that spreads by biting their victims, in this case humans, and they too evolve into blood thirsty rats. To save the town from the infected are six evicted tenants who  must survive the night fighting off human rats.

For such an amateurish and poorly made flick, it wasn’t completely terrible. Those of you who are zombied out, Hollywood has managed to squeezed something into the tired mutated human genre that isn’t much different than the usual. Instead of zombies, we now have humans evolving into blood thirsty rats. Will Hollywood ever come out with something innovative to add to this vapid genre? Most of the time the film is somewhat incomprehensible, thanks to an always mobile and continuously jumpy camera. This is a feature overused in the majority of recent zombie movies.

There is absolutely no character development. I’m hoping that in this case the film-maker’s intentions were for the viewer to want these characters to mutate and cheer when it finally happens. Problem is we don’t quite cheer when we realize that the mutating process is lackluster. It’s an attempt, but an attempt it remains. There’s nothing new here. Replace the usual zombie movie with rats. We have seen all of this done many times before and much more effective than this. It feels much longer than its 85 min running time because of poor pace and loss of interest.

“Mulberry Street” is as silly as it’s premise. The make-up, though never properly displayed, is expertly crafted. There aren’t enough memorable moments and the film was shot too dark at times to tell what was going on. Although it’s not as bad as some horror movies, it certainly doesn’t raise the bar of film-making above any standards. And where did this virus come from? This is a crucial question for its virus related thesis left unanswered in the end.

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