“The Bucket List” stars academy award winners Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. It’s directed by Rob Reiner (Stand By Me, Misery) and written by Justin Zachham, who really didn’t have a trademark movie until this one rolled around.

The story is about two terminally ill men escape from the hospital to accomplish their bucket list. This is a list containing all of the things that they would like to do before they “kick the bucket”. After being diagnosed with cancer, the two embark on an adventure to complete all the things featured on this list, including sky diving.

The acting is very sharp and the script is incisive. It’s sad, but not to the point of being downright depressing. Etched in my brain was the fact that these very likable characters are going to die. Morgan Freeman is a jeopardy wise mechanic with a loving family and Jack Nicholson is his regular bitter self. The two gain a relationship that touches both deeply, along with the viewers. The best way to describe this film is being both blue and joyous at the same time, generating a ladder of emotions.

There are some moments that are very emotionally charged. These two lovable characters enjoy the greatest months of their lives and it’s a very uplifting experience. An undeniably beautiful portrait of companionship and quite possibly Rob Reiner’s best film involving friendship since “Stand By Me”. This is a sure mist-maker with most of these being tears of joy not sorrow. The directing was top-notch and the film itself was powerful enough to make me tear up more than a couple of times. This is a true winner in my book.

The character development for this serious subject must be very strong to produce an abiding effect. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson have spectacular chemistry that is quite possibly the best displayed in ’07 and boosted this film way beyond my expectations. I would love to see the two together again in the future. Though minimally flawed, this film will raise spirits and touch the core of viewers, something Hollywood has tried many times and failed on┬ámultiple levels. My hats off to “The Bucket List” for conquering this difficult feat more than once in a single viewing.