Three college students journey out to Norway to do a film on the town’s bear hunters. They feel that they have a story when there is only one hunter without a required license to hunt and no one knows where he goes at night. The three students and the unlicensed hunter cooperate together to get the story because the students will get a good grade and the hunter wants the public to know what he has been doing in the forest every night. Excited and anxious, the three go into the forest waiting to see what the hunter has been up to. They soon find out that he has been hunting trolls. Startled and confused, they run for their lives with the troll on their heels. Will they survive? Why doesn’t the public know about this? Will the hunter protect them or use them as bait to capture the troll? 



            Well, I thought the film was okay. It is another Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity type of film where they try to get the viewer to believe the acts really happened. That concept gets old really fast. I like the animation of the trolls; many looked life-like, kind of. I could do without the actors acting in the film because it just tired me. The script was bland and the scenery looked staged or just there, as in something not essential to the film (which it should) and is just there. The ending was bad and didn’t make sense as to how the tape was recovered and shown when an incident happened. All in all, I will not see this film again.