Hall Pass  (105 min)

These guys are truly hopeless. The movie, though, is just as hopeless as the male characters that play in it. The comedy is pushed too hard to where it is just trying to be funny but is not. It is a raunchy-filled comedy. You know the ones where the main characters are usually guys, usually friends, and usually are exchanging dirty, pervasive, and sexual comments like it’s a contest. It is too much in this film. It tries too hard to be like the “Hangover” which it is nowhere near close to. Quite simply these two guys, played by Jason Saudekis and Owen Wilson are given a weekend hall pass from their wives, who are fed up with always catching them eye-banging every other decent looking female that so happens to cross their wandering gaze. So they give in and give them the opportunity to get rid of their persistent urges.  By the way, if you did not already know due to today’s society, a hall pass is basically just a free pass to do whatever. That is right. That means that they get to go out and have sex with whomever they want and the best part is there is no catch right? Well sort of, but what these guys do not know and what their wives both realize is that they are both completely incapable of gaining the interest of any other women. This is where the comedy tries to creep its way in. It is a good set-up for a comedy but where it fails is the actual comedy. It just doesn’t have any laugh out loud effect to it and it also gets old really fast. It is raunchy comedy which we have seen a lot of lately. It is not that hard to make a movie where you just say and try to do dirty things the whole time. It lacks timing mainly. We know what is coming. It is one dirty joke after another and it gets tiresome. We get the point already!!! “Hall Pass” is rated R for crude and sexual humor throughout, language, some graphic nudity and drug use.