Imagine a world where one gets caught for not committing a crime. Well we know where we will land. It is the land called as Shawshank, a prison that keeps the innocent people and also some bad asses who pretend to be innocent. They give a bible and make the prisoners realize the truth and also fate. In this movie the prison is the life and soul and the characters are the current to make the prison story convincing.

Here is my review.

Shawshank redemption directed by Frank Darabont, is the story about a person called as andy who is convicted for killing his wife. He is thrown in shawshank and he starts making friends. One of the friends is the old man working in the prison library. Library ?? This is the question everyone gets when they watch the movie. Yes shawshank has the library where they give magazines and some articles for making the prisoners living their life just as outside. Andy meets red , and red starts observing him. Andy likes to help the people of the prison in some way or other. Every one starts their own hobbies to pass their time whereas andy develops the library and starts collecting music , from various gramophone available. Red and andy discuss on their life and andy makes a choice that may change his life. Shawshank is a place of hope as there is something in store.

Narration in the movie is best. We have ace actor Morgan freeman narrating the story for us. He introduces characters , explains their motive and also explains the conditions of the shawshank. The narration is very convincing and director tells everything , to the viewers.

Performances are mesmerizing. Not many of them are important. But three are really important. Andy played by   Tim robbins. Red played by Morgan freeman and the librarian character played by James whitmore. Rest are good enough to make us watch them. Mentioning about one character called as Tommy played by Gil bellows, is the soul and motive for andy to take his decision. The police in the movie are really hard and tough and we see the pleasant surprises and some bad ass words when andy offers them a gift.

Dialogues in the movie are some how the best one can get. The main reason is the narration behind the things going on and morgan freeman and tim robbins convincingly speak up those inspirational quotes on hope and faith. The dialogues that express the characters and their motives are funny and connects well with the proceedings on screen.

Direction is neat and totally awesome. The scenes are well shot and performances and body language of the main characters reflect the hard work of the director. During crucial scenes of the movie, director had done justice and made the audience awe struck with the proceedings.

Music in the movie is literally low. Since it is a dialogue based movie, music has the slow side. But during certain scenes, light violin effects are visible and suits well.

Editing in the movie is a bit let down. The movie has some dull editing during first half but second half goes fast as the narrative picks up and convincingly ends. Over all editing is ok.

Cinematography and camera work is done for perfection. Displaying the pleasant environment may be the roads, grocery or the pacific ocean, to the prison life and aerial shot of the whole prison, they have done a perfect job.

Bottomline: Shawshank is a beautiful place where one gets a bible and learns the truth and also the fate for the crime done. There are some unanswered questions in the movie like Who killed andy’s wife and why he killed?. Well may be I can get the answer from Darabont.  Shawshank redemption is well written, convincingly narrated , perfectly acted, with good direction and well planned screenplay along with rare shots of violins and beautiful camera work. “Remember Salvation lies within”.