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Pump Up the Volume (1990)

During the day, Mark Hunter is an ordinary high school student, often shy and alone, but is as smart as they come. By night, he takes on the persona of “Hard Harry”, a pirate radio deejay who rules the local airwaves, speaking his mind and ranting about the imperfections of American society and the education system at his high school. His radio show, “Hard Harry Hard-on” has gained a cult following within the community, and as chaos starts to ensue, the law enforcement is called in to expose and identify the radio pirate.

Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis star in this 1990 drama comedy directed by Allan Moyle.

The lead role of Mark “Hard Harry” Hunter is played by Christian Slater. A spot on portrayal and a brilliant performance for the then young actor at the time. Slater’s look and bad boy image is the perfect portrait of teenage rebellion and angst.

The film is a celebration of free speech. A homage to pirate radio and its history. A scream for change and how one man can summon a following. Filled with rebellious monologues of angst and hate, brilliantly delivered and acted by Christian Slater. Has moments of humor and a fare share of serious drama. This is a well written script with a message to send. Its feel good with a pretty good soundtrack to bounce along too.

Very entertaining.

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