This movie is rated PG-13 for sexual humor and drug references.  It is one hour and thirty-nine minutes long.  It stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler. 

If you are not a fan of Adam Sandler I suggest you stop reading this review right now, since he is the main character of the movie.  This movie is about a woman, Lucy (played by Barrymore), who had a horriffic car accident and doe not remember each new day.  She is stuck in the day of the accident and her father and brother, and well, actually all of her friends, tries to protect her and let her believe she is living that same day over and over.  That is of course until Adam Sandler comes along, falling in love with this woman, and willing to do everything he can to make her fall in love with him to.  Sandler tries each new day to make Barrymore fall in love with him or even just want to date him, with some interesting results.

Besides being a comedy this movie also has some very serious parts, especially when you think about what the movie is about.  A woman in a car accident who can’t remember anything new, and there is an institution for others like her, some worse off.  It does make some fun of people with memory disorders, but not horribly, so don’t be surprised when watching it. 

Although I liked this movie and there were several things I probably could have done without.  I mean did we really need another Adam Sandler song?  My say is no, although some of you out there in movie land might like this.  Also if you all remember Sandler and Barrymore played love interests in another movie titled The Wedding Singer which I thought was marginally better.  I liked this movie enough to watch it more than once, I think it might just be because of the character played by Sean Astin, who playes Lucy’s steroid using brother.  His character was very fun and funny, and I wished that he could have had just a little more screen time.

I reccomend this to anyone looking for something a little romantic.  You know one of those nights that you want to watch a romance movie but that your significant other or partner wants a comedy.  The romance nut will like the kissing and the mushy love scenes and the comedy nut will like everything else.