Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror The Final Destination Written Review by Steven Kaufmann

The Final Destination Written Review by Steven Kaufmann


            This is the only Final Destination movie I have seen. But from what I gather, it isn’t really a sequel; it’s more of a remake. I mean come on, no franchise is going to have literally the exact same story done 4 times in a row, that’s just lazy.

            There isn’t really a whole lot to say about this movie. There are some cardboard cut outs (I mean characters) at a race and one of them has a premonition and he freaks out. He convinces several people to leave and then the premonition, involving an enormous crash, happens. Quite a few people die. And then Death, who apparently sits around all day thinking of ridiculous ways for people to die, claims their lives one by one.

            This movie was released in 3-D in an attempt to add depth to it. They can add all the depth they want, but the characters are still pretty flat. I like puns, just thought you should know.

            This movie is just so… bleh. The CG is average, the story is cut and pasted from the last 3 scripts, the acting is bland, and the suspense isn’t effective. Prolonging deaths for characters you actually care about creates suspense. Just making the audience wait longer to kill off a group of bland asses is just plain annoying.

            I honestly can’t think of any other horror franchise that would be less worthy of a series than this one. There isn’t a masked killer we can learn about. There is no way to make a prequel, Death doesn’t need a backstory. There is no way to expand on anything, and what you’re left with is basically a long running episode of 1,000 Ways to Die.

            This movie gets 1 star out of 4. Save your time and watch a compilation of all the kills on Youtube. It will save you a lot of time, and you aren’t missing out on any story.

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