When the name, Guiellermo del Toro is attached to a picture, I expect creativity, great atmosphere, and interesting story, all delivered in spades. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, produced and written by del Toro, excels in giving us that creepy atmosphere- but lacks horribly in the other departments. The story is weak and incredibly predictable. Predictability is the horror genres worst enemy. If you know what’s coming, you can’t be scared.

Creativity suffers here as well. The story is essentially the 3rd segment of Trilogy of Terror, but with tooth fairy monsters in place of dolls and in place of Karen Black is an obnoxious, overly serious 8 year old, “I’m artistic and wise beyond my years and deny needing help but ends up needing someone to do everything for me” girl. Of course joining her is the father, recently divorced and trying to get their life on track, and the new girlfriend, who goes to great lengths to get accepted by the daughter.

            The worst thing about this movie is the monsters. The film actually works very well for the first 30 minutes, up until they show the “monsters”. At that point, you can’t take it seriously. The suspense is killed and all the faults you ignored become shockingly apparent and you just want the movie to end.

            This movie gets 2 out of 4 stars. The first 30 minutes are quite good, like I said, and if you go with friends you have something to mock for 90 minutes.