This movie is rated R sor nudity, sexual situations, drug use and violence.  It is an hour and forty two minutes long.  It stars Harry Connick Jr, and Ashley Judd.

This movie is a paranoid delusion mixed with glimpses of horror and wife beating.  It is about a woman named Agnes (Judd) and a man named Peter (Michael Shannon) who meet and fall in love.  Things get a little twisted when we learn that Peter has some dark secrets and had gone AWOL from the Army.  Agnes is willing to learn and help Peter, but mostly that is because she is a broken woman who lost so much when she was younger.  Harry Connick Jr. plays her abusive ex-husband who just got out of prison.  Connick Jr. creates a twisted love triangle and the viewer wonders which man will save Agnes.

This movie had an interesting set because virtually the entire movie takes place in Agnes’s hotel/apartment.  There isn’t a lot of action in this movie yet there is some suspense.  The viewer winds up wondering what really is the problem.

I actaully have more bad to say than good.  This movie was extreemly slow.  It was billed as a horror movie but doesn’t even come close.  I actually wondered what this movie would be billed as because it wasn’t suspense, or drama, or romance, it pretty much goes straight to the D-movie list.  I wondered why an actress like Ashley Judd would be in a horrible movie like this.  This movie is all about pain, but it is so obvious from the very beginning what is going on.  It is dissappointing and I wish I had never watched it.

I don’t suggest this movie for anyone.  It was very bad.  I really don’t have much more to say about it than that.

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