Becky Fuller (Rachael McAdams) is Daybreak’s new executive producer. Daybreak has one of the lowest news caster ratings with competitors like Good day America around. On her first day, she fires one of the anchor and has to listen to the staff’s demands or ideas for a segment on the show. With her love life always on hold and having to bring ratings up before a deadline, Becky is overwhelmed but determined to succeed. Will she be replaced by someone with more experience? How will she change the show around? Will she ever fit love into her busy schedule? 


Review:            I enjoyed watching this film. I like Becky’s energetic determination to work hard and succeed. She showcases a woman of strength with a hint of quirk which made her actions pop through the screen. Harrison Ford plays the new grumpy legendary anchor, Mike Pomeroy, who gives Becky and the staff a hard time because he finds the show to be beneath him. His role wasn’t that great but considering the past recent films he’s done, it’s a step up. He used to be the “it” actor, playing in great films with great roles and then it just stopped. It’s nice to see that he’s still trying. Okay cast, okay script with a limited bumps. All in all, I will watch this film again.