Horton Hears a Who

Horton Hears a Who is the new animated Dr. Suess film. The film stars the voices of Steve Carell and Jim Carrey, however don’t worry, unlike Carrey’s last Seuss attempt, this one doesn’t leave you running for the exits. The movie is a nice family comedy about an elephant named Horton (Jim Carrey) who discovers the world of the Whos which in Horton’s world is just a small little speck on a pink clover.

Horton finds this ‘speck’ and with his great hearing is able to listen in on the whos inside. His great hearing talent however is not shared by any of the other animals and many see this poor elephant as a crazed animal. None take these thoughts to any place higher, however, than the Kangaroo, who is appropriately named Kangaroo. She hops around with her child in her pouch and spends most of the movie attempting to plot for the speck to be destroyed since she sees it as an attempt to get children to start imagining and thinking God forbid. The Whos on the other hand are on the eve of a big celebration, which I can’t remember but I’m sure starts with ‘who’ something, and everything seems fine until the Mayor of Whoville (Steve Carell) begins to notice these tremors which are caused by Horton moving around to much while carrying their world. Everyone else in whoville notices the tremors as well but brush it off as…well… nothing. The Mayor is able to communicate with Horton and he attempts to tell the council and everyone else in Whoville that Horton exists, much like Horton attempts to tell everyone in his world that the Whos exist. The story revolves around no one believing either of these two characters and Horton’s journey to get the Whos to a safe and stable environment while the Kangaroo sends creatures to kill the speck.

The story in Horton Hears a Who is pretty basic and nothing is really new but I feel that the movie makes it work. You get the whole story of the two seemingly outsiders who don’t really fit in and just want everyone to understand, which is a part of the movie that I really like, and at the same time you get the story of the Mayor of Whoville and his son. His son does not want to be the heir to the Mayor chair despite his father’s assurance, but the movie falls a little short here in that it really never expands on the son’s character and we never truly get told what it is that the son wants to do.

The animation here is also pretty good. Much like it was in Bee Movie I would say that Horton is one fine looking animated film. The textures are nice and clean and sometimes even look beautiful while the characters themselves also are easy to look at without being too flashy. Another strong point of the movie is the simplicity of the jokes that it tells. Unlike many child aimed movies, Horton does not rely on fart jokes or slapstick really, except on few occasions, to get your laughs. Instead Carell and Carrey do their best to actually deliver witty or outrageously random lines that make us chuckle. Even Seth Rogen who plays Horton’s friend the mouse has some interesting lines thrown in.

Overall this movie was a pretty enjoyable experience. The story was above average and better than most animated movies out right now, except of course nearly every Pixar movie, and the animation was really nice. The movie which is just under 90 minutes doesn’t overstay it’s welcome and it doesn’t make parents want to blow their heads off or fall asleep in the theater. I give Horton Hears a Who high recommendations to anyone who has kids, and trust me, don’t let the babysitter take them, you should go as well. This is an enjoyable movie for all ages. 3.5/5