A cop has mysteriously gone missing, and his gun has turned up as a murder weapon in several robbery cases. When rookie cop, Inspector Ho (Andy On) hits a road block in his investigation, he seeks the help of Detective Bun (Ching Wan-Lau), a retired cop whose weird ways of investigating have helped him solve high profile cases in the past.

Directed by both Johnnie To and Ka-Fai Wai, Hong Kong born directors with a knack for action in film. “Mad Detective” though is surprisingly a psychological thriller/crime mystery centered around a rookie and veteran cop investigating a complex case surrounding a suspect with multiple personalities.

The film is somewhat smart, and makes use of a fresh story line. The plot unfolds in a kind pace, with every scene to be quite entertaining. The “Mad Detective” and his antics, played nicely by actor Ching Wan-Lau, is humorous though meant to translate as serious on screen. I liked how the different personalities were shown, and instead of having the one character change his persona, we actually see all seven acting in unison, all persona played by different actors.

I like the creativity and uniqueness of this crime tale, that is sure to entertain anyone with a liking for the psychological thrillers.