Paris 1968, Matthew (Pitt), an American university student studying French, and a self confessed movie buff, meets Isabelle (Green) and Theo (Garrel), a brother and sister who are also movie enthusiasts who share the same passion for the classics. The three build a friendship around their love for film, and Matthew is slowly lured into their world, where the brother and sister secretly enjoy sexual lust and erotic pleasure amongst themselves.

Set in the backdrop of 1968 student riots in Paris is director Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers”. The screenplay is written by Gilbert Adair and based on his novel titled “The Holy Innocents”. Michael Pitt, Eva Green, and Louis Garrel are the main cast in this picture.

Nicely set and recreates the history of the time. I like how film is referenced a lot in this. The film uses a lot of classic black and white excerpts from film which the characters often mimic in several scenes. Film is often talked about by the characters and their sexual fantasies are graphic and played out. Its a sick trio of a friendship often hinting on the lines of incest.

As the characters constantly isolate themselves inside their apartment, we are isolated together with them and its actually a relief when they head out and return to reality at the closing stretch.

I think I see where Bertolucci was going with this, but the painted picture was rather strange. Maybe wanting to take us back to a historic time, and at the same time wanting us to forget, by locking us up with his characters who are on the verge of their sexual discoveries