Let me get straight to the point that this movie is a franchise and it will have a continuity to the previous movie. But is the continuity strong enough . lets see!

Final destination 5 3D directed by Steven Quale, is a movie that has a credited beginning. With this I understand that movie has nothing in it. English movies should never have tiresome and boring credits in the beginning. After the credits got completed I was expecting to bring a thrilling scene right away. But for 5 minutes or so, it was having cheap characters with half baked performances and some girls moving here and here. Then when the real tempo in the movie starts we watch pin drop. This movie has a person called Sam who visions a disaster and tries to protect his friends from the incident. But he sees everyone are getting dead and a particular order is been maintained. Now who will survive at last?

Coming to the narration, this movie was a whole crap! No signs of any narration or whatsoever in the movie. The main characters in the movie are just like toy dolls crying and shouting for panic. Sometimes they are even silent enough. Sometimes they are silly and childish. Character development is none. Accurately zero development as we have here new characters. No character in the movie has a precise role. The main character Sam has a job. He works as a cook. He is busy mending his relationship with his girlfriend. His friends are six in  number and one of them is working in industry. Nothing else we see with him. No talents are displayed on screen.

Performances are half baked as I said. The lead casts are Album pop stars and with no experience or whatsoever , how could one take a risk to encast them. I hope the director has the answer for this.  Two people in the movie are ok to some extent. The main character Sam enacted by Augusto , is typically a lame and timid hero in the movie. His visions are perfect. I have no objection for this. But my question is How he gets those visions? When he explains things to the cops, he opens up in rather unusual way and with no sort of confidence, he is dumb stricken. Thumbs down for his acting at majority of the movie. No other character in the movie is worthy enough to explain. We have a drunkard who acts wildly at times. His character is so foolish and we have no sort of any feelings towards him. Let me get straight enough. Every character in this movie is brought in for facing death by the elements of nature. Yes the deaths are thrilling and sometimes confusing also. Bridge collapse, Laser gun, and trampoline are the best in the movie. It was taken so thrilling and mind you the camera work is very gripping during those scenes.

Rest of the movie is a whole crap. Dialogues are feeble and no dialogue make its mark. No dialogue defines characters.

Bottom line: Slick Visually good, technically brilliant movie with outdated narration and weak dialogues and half baked performances. If I had a vision, I would observe every viewer who likes to watch this movie to forget spending their ample time and rather sit home and browse in you tube.