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Robert Kurtzman’s The Rage

“The Rage” is directed by Robert Kurtzman, who is responsible for directing the near masterful work known as “Wishmaster”, and partly written by him also. The cast is full of actors and actresses who are unknown for a good reason.

A mad scientist experiments with a virus known as rage. He uses this to experiment with innocent victims deep in the woods. When a few of his patients escape, the woods become terrorized by blood hungry monsters who are in search of their next victims. In this case, the victims being the usual group of partiers.

It does take a kind sadistic talent to artistically splatter blood and spew guts, and Robert Kurtzman has that perverse talent. Everything, from the horrible acting to the rambunctious occurrences, are overlooked thanks to Kurtzman’s knack for directing over-the-top, campy horror films. I realize that it’s bad. Scratch that. I realize that it’s really bad, but this horror film actually brings some new ideas to the table. One innovative idea  being the mutated vultures who vomit on and devour their victims. If your hungry for a blood and guts galore, then look no further. Maybe it’s not the goriest film ever made (Dead Alive), but it’s surely packing lots of grotesque moments that will have people arguing over this subject matter.

“The Rage” is a gooey and delightfully gory feature guaranteed to satisfy any gorehound. The story is flimsy and the acting is cheesy. So to really enjoy this one for what it’s worth, you have to be a hardcore horror nut, which is certainly the category I fit under. My suggestion is to cut out your brain and kick it out the door before you watch this film, meaning don’t think too hard about it. There is one somewhat dull moment featuring a flashback. This is just a dire attempt at character development and ends up being a careless juncture. Those who don’t like the shaky camera work (like me) will be mildly disappointed at the excessive use of it during the vulture attacks.

Overall, this is worth a look for die hard horror buffs. Anyone with a weak stomach should avoid this one. One thing that would make me admire this movie much more than I already do, is if they didn’t go overboard with the CGI blood and vulture effects. Don’t take the acting and story so seriously and enjoy this movie for the brainless, blood-drenched horror movie it truly is and you won’t be disappointed.

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