Shot and left for dead in a near death experience, Marcus (50 Cent) recalls his past life. A journey that sees him orphaned after his mother’s death, hustling the streets selling drugs and making a name for himself, spending time in prison, and fulfilling his dream of becoming a successful rapper.

Interesting film. In tradition of Eminem’s “8 Mile (2002)”, his protege, rapper 50 Cent, makes the same jump from rap to film with this 2005 film that is a gripping biopic of his real life story. 50 stars as himself, cast under his real name Curtis Jackson, and starring alongside Terrence Howard and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. The film is directed by Jim Sheridan.

It seems nowadays, every rapper has a colorful story to tell, and its mostly the same, growing up to harsh environments, being exposed to drugs and violence, and fueling their passion on the way to becoming a professional rap artist. You bust several platinum records and number 1 billboard hits, and you release a biopic to tell your life story, and you star in it as well hoping your fan base will reel in the cash for success. Its genius really, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the film was any good.

50’s story is quite interesting, and for his first role in a feature film, sad to say Curtis Jackson fails to impress. Quite the blank stare and emotionless character for someone who’s playing himself on screen. The best part was when he was rapping while the end credits rolled.