Drillbit Taylor

“Drillbit Taylor” stars a young uprising cast that includes Kate Hartley, Troy Gentile, Ian Roberts, and the veteran actor Owen Wilson. It’s directed by Stephen Brill (Heavy Weights, Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds) and the screenplay was written by Seth Rogan (Superbad).

The story follows a group of geeks who are tormented on their first day of high school by a corrupt and immoral bully. This leads to the idea of hiring a professional bodyguard to put an end to the unrightful beatings. They hire Drillbit Taylor, a bum posed as a retired army veteran aimed at coning the freshmen for their personal belongings.

I like the cast of youngsters in the film. They all have a certain chemistry that hold the film together. This feels more like an 80’s John Hughes movie released too late. It might have worked better for the earlier generation of kids, but this generation of kids have no taste and are looking for a more rude, crude and vulgar film. Being claimed as the prequel to “Superbad”, this is more mature and honest and I respect it for that reason. This doesn’t have anything original and feels oddly familiar, but it’s simple and direct.

Some of the truly funny moments were spoiled in the trailer that had me biting at my lip to see it. It ends up being light on the laughs and heavy on the smiles. The story is widely predictable and the characters are very similar to the ones in “Superbad”. These factors don’t hurt the film entirely. What hurts the film is the trailer. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you will probably have some good laughs. Owen Wilson does a pretty good job as the cereal loving bum posed as a bodyguard, and the young cast is fresh. Especially Troy Gentile, who exerts facial expressions that are quite funny. Fans of the boxoffice hit “Superbad” will probably dislike the film, for it is lacking in immature and tasteless lowbrow humor.

Overall, it is a sweet and cute story, but it has all the elements that make up a rental. It’s predicable and not funny enough to warrant a recommendation for a theatrical viewing. I did have fun and enjoyed the ending, even though I saw it coming. This is the very definition of an average comedy that earns my recommendation when it comes out on DVD.

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