“Enchanted” stars Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon and Patrick Dempsey. In a fairytale land and the cruel world of New York.

Queen Narsissa (Sarandon) is afraid to lose her kingdom to the loving maiden Giselle (Adams). Queen Narsissa tricks Giselle over a waterfall and Giselle lands in New York City. There Giselle seeks help from divorce lawyer Robert (Dempsey). Prince Edward is out to find her whit his servant Nathaniel. Little does Edward know that Nathaniel is out to kill Giselle. While Prince Edward is looking for Giselle, Giselle falls in love with Robert. She teaches Robert how to love. When Nathaniel runs out of attempts to kill Giselle, Queen Narsissa comes to New York to finish the job. Is there going to be a happily ever after?

The scenes where Queen Narsissa come to New York is done like magic. The fire around Narsissa looks like real fires. I never knew Susan Sarandon could be a villain. She plays the evil step mother really well. The animated part was just like all the other Disney movies. I kept on wondering who was behind the Anime.

They had all sorts of fairytale parts. They had Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. The dragon part was a little far fetched but none the less spectacular. And the part where she leaves her shoe behind is such a cliched. This is a movie even grown ups will love.

I enjoyed the movie, i thought it would be boring since it was a fairytale btu i was very wrong. This movie I recommend to every ages. This is a movie to watch again and again.