If you have watched THE GODFATHER you will remember Bridget Fonda. If you have not watched it’s one of the all times greatest and you have to watch it, especially for a guy, it’s a MUST watch. Oliver Platt who is not Jack Black however is fiercely funny if he needs to be. More Known as The Man in Black since X MEN FIRST CLASS. Bill Pullman although has regular appearances I can recall him just from INDEPENDENCE DAY (I need to watch his work more often – note to self).  Brendon Gleeson will never be forgotten for his role in BRAVEHEART just as the movie will never be forgotten. So here I have got 4 of the greatest titles, bring the star cast together mix and match and wallah you have got LAKE PLACID.

Once again a movie that is over a decade old and yet a movie that is entertaining and a movie that is great for a production dated to 1999. Every movie with creatures and monsters look like a drawing done by a juvenile using windows movie maker if you compared it with the Spielberg hit JURRASIC PARK. So let not compare shall we?

In the small town Maine, there has been a horrific accident. Sheriff Hank (Brendon Gleeson) pulls out his friend out of the waters of a lake (Supposedly called Lake Placid but it’s not since the name is already taken) completely devoured waist down. Chief Jack Wells (Bill Pullman) of Maine Fish and Game is called in to take a look to find out what is in the waters. Far from main in the city of New York in a museum paleontologist Kelly (Bridget Fonda) has been replaced by her boyfriend aka dropped like its hot! She is then sent out to main to examine a tooth that looks pre historic which is pulled out from the lake victim mentioned before. Kelly confirms the tooth is not a fossil and whatever creature the tooth belonged to is live and very much swimming in the Lake. Heated arguments with Sheriff Hank and Chief Jack and as usual the woman wins! She ends up heading out with them to camp in the forest for 2 days in an expedition to find the cause of all the deaths. Camping for New Yorker even in the late 90s meant a hotel or an inn with a toilet and most certainly not tents. The entire party is soon joined by rich man Hector (Oliver Platt) who has a thing to swim with the crocodiles!

Evenly distributed between scary and hilarious LAKE PLACID is a sure fire hour and a half of entertainment. Director Steve Miner who is an ace with TV direction does a very smart job on the production. A very well positioned directorial where the Horror – Com genre is exposed with clarity. There is very wise use of the talents of the cast. Especially those of Platt and Gleeson, Those who have seen the works of them know the potential they carry for subtle humor and yet have the persona to pull through a scary thriller. There is not a chance in hell that a viewer would walk away on this movie disappointed. Please respect that this was done in 1999 with the technology available over the decade. Comparison to it with the times of today would of course make it look a shame if not.

Are you planning on kicking back and having some alone time or just relaxing with some friends indoors during the scorching hot and madly humid summer? Especially when the cinemas are sucked dry out of entertainment.  LAKE PLACID isn’t a bad choice.

Title: Lake Placid

Directed by: Steve Miner

Starring: Bridget Fonda, Bill Pullman, Brendon Gleeson & Oliver Platt

Rated: R for violent creature attacks and related gore, and for language

Rating: 06/10

82 Minutes