“30 Days of Night” stars Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, along with other actors I won’t waste my time mentioning and co-stars a strong performance by Ben Foster as The Stranger.

When an Alaskan town experiences a total of 30 days of darkness, this gives advantage to the prince of darkness known as vampires. These screeching bloodthirsty vampires are bent on destruction and plan to suck the life out of the town’s civilians. This leads to the overthrow of the town and singles out a few survivors to save the day…or should I say night.

The vampires having full advantage gives me the impression that it will have it’s fair share of kills, and it did. One vampire really shined. He looked like a modern day Nosferatu, bald and hideous. I expected it to have a thrilling beginning, but in this case the film started off slow. It picks up the pace once Ben Foster appears on screen. He gives the most effective performance in the movie, while Josh Hartnett was mediocre and Melissa George administers a pale and forgettable performance. Each character is lacking in depth, resulting in a root for the vampires.

The film has shaky camera work (which I am not too fond of) but does it well enough to be able to tell what is going on. Some of the kills are brutal and jaw-dropping, with the weapon of choice here being an axe. This is a dark and exceedingly bloody vampire flick with the ultimate vampires, featuring blackened eyes, long nails, sharp teeth, and even their own fictitious language. This gloomy vampire flick certainly has it’s moments. I had a good time watching the snow become blood-stained red.

This is a fun movie to watch when your in the mood for blood dripping fun. Every attack by the cold blooded vampires can be foreshadowed by the viewer resulting in few startling moments, it features heard-it-before dialog and it’s not very scary. Yet, I am still recommending it for the blood thirsty movie goer like myself.