The Coen Brother have done it again with a story that’s both confusing and interesting with a two hour long film with murder and an air gun.

The story is about a Texas hunter Llewelyn Moss played by  Josh Brolin who discover several dead bodies, and bed full of heroin in the back of a truck and $2 million under a tree.  Anton Chigurn played by Javier Barden is a psychopathic killer who is looking for the money and won’t stop at any expense. Tommy Lee Jones’ character is quiet possible the most interesting character because his character help explain the title of the film. Lee’s character Ed Tom Bell is an old sheriff near retirement; the character explains how old men simply can’t catch the young criminals because times have changed. In the end Ed Tom Bell retires, Llewelyn Moss gets shot in a hotel room and Anton Chigurn literally walks away. What makes this movie confusing is that in classic Coen Brother’s fashion the audience is left with several question. What happened to the money and What happens to Anton, what happens to the people who killed Llewelyn Moss and did Anton really kill Llewelyn wife?

I enjoyed this movie however I felt confused and somewhat lost this is definitely a movie that requires one full and undivided attention. The movie also had some surprising death scenes where men where shot both in the head at close range and shot in the neck. Blood doesn’t bother me, but it may others so if you haven’t seen this film consider this a warning.  Another element that I enjoy was some of the shot in particular the opening shot of the dark night and mountains in the background. I felt this was a great opener because it let the audience know that this wasn’t going to be a happy ending kind of movie. Another shot I enjoyed was when Llewlyn’s character when back to the scene of the shot out to bring the man some water. The truck was on top of a hill with a some source of light around the truck. The shot was  a wide angle long shot and it came out nicely.

I would definitely recommend seeing this film after seeing the film I can see why the academy gave the film plenty of praise.