Going Overboard

“Going Overboard” stars Adam Sandler and has cameo appearances from Allen Covert and Billy Bob Thorton. It’s written and directed by Valerie Breiman and produced by Adam Rifkin, who wrote Small Soldiers, Zoom and Underdog.

Shecky Moskowitz is a struggling comedian determined to get his chance at fame by showing off his comedic skills, or lack thereof. He tries to get Dickie Diamond, the best comedian on the ship, to let him open his gig for him. After rejecting Shecky, Dickie Diamond get locked in the bathroom, giving Shecky his big chance to shine.

This no budget flick wont even satisfy hardcore Sandler fans. In fact, it will probably annoy them as well as everyone else. I wouldn’t be surprised if I am the only one who watched the entire movie. When a character acknowledges that a camera is present through the entire film, you know your in for a crappy movie. You can’t get much more dimwitted than this. I couldn’t help but watch mindlessly as every single joke failed. The comic timing was off and the production value of the film was poor. Even funny man Adam Sandler couldn’t squeeze in a single laugh.

Can’t say much about the acting because there is none to be found. The makers should have stamped a warning on the cover. Caution: Head will hurt and IQ will drop sufficiently after viewing. This is a laughless film and even the filmmakers know it. I am sure the majority of viewers couldn’t finish the movie and I can’t blame them. I write this too keep EVERYONE away from it, including die hard Sandler fans. I think I took a crap this morning that was more amusing than this.

The montage of beautiful women is the best part of the film and lasted maybe one minute. I enjoy most of Adam Sandler movies, which is why I finally got around to this piece of junk. I can’t see anyone having a good time watching it. Please, please don’t waste your time viewing this unpolished turd. I think I will cut this review short and just update my list for worst movies ever made.

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