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The Deaths of Ian Stone

“The Deaths of Ian Stone” stars Mike Vogal, Jamie Murray, Christina Cole, along with others who I wont waste my time mentioning. It’s directed by Dario Piana (They Come Out At Night) and written by Brendan Hood (They).

Ian Stone is a man who has to live every day of his life being murdered by unnerving creatures, only to wake up again living a slightly different life. This happens every time the clocks stop and Ian has no idea as to why this is happening to him. Is he just going insane or is he really experiencing death every day? 

“The Deaths of Ian Stone” was one of the 8 Films to Die For featured at 2007’s Horrorfest. The movie starts off with a promising beginning, which is the one and only time that I jumped. Fans of the famous producer and creature effects king Stan Winston probably won’t be too disappointed. He adds to his legacy of creature features which includes the special effects for films such as “Aliens”, “Predator”, “The Relic”, “Lake Placid”, along with many others. Even though this creature film ranks at the bottom of the list of remarkable monster movies created by him, you still have to admire the work of Stan the Man.

I liked the story’s concept, even if it was extremely bizarre and outrageous. The acting done by Mike Vogal as Ian Stone is mediocre and the rest of the acting is just barely passable, but the real stars are the creatures who feed on the fear of people. Death is their ultimate pleasure. This is like an addiction for these ghost-like creatures. Near the end, it started to get really strange. This doesn’t necessarily hurt the film, but it knocks it around a bit. “The Deaths of Ian Stone” is a movie that’s worth dusting off come Halloween time. The finale is pleasing, which is always a nice thing.

Stan Winston scores once again, creating another creature extravaganza. The only real problem with this film is that it does have a “been there, done that” feeling. The creatures are too similar to the tooth fairy featured in “Darkness Falls”, a creature Stan Winston designed. Can it be true that Stan Winston has run out of ideas. It’s really nothing special, but I certainly recommend that you check out everything that Stan Winston has to offer, whether it is something he produced, directed, or worked on in the special effects or make-up department. This film being at the bottom of that list.

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