Hey everyone,

 Now I’ve mentioned to ya’ll that I’m a serious movie lover.  But I was skeptical about this movie because every few years we make another alien movie.  Its always the same…their here to invade us.  Their trying to study us and take over our planet.  I’m tired of the same ol’plot happening in every story.  Surely if they were going to invade…it would happen by now.  But this movie, Cowboys and Aliens, was surprisingly refreshing.  The Aliens weren’t here to take over our planet…in fact what they wanted wasn’t even us.  It touched ideas never used before…different reasons for wanting our planet.  I was impressed.  It wasn’t an absolute ten…however…Daniel Crieg has a REALLY nice ass.  And framed in those leather pants…hm…perfect.  Besides that little…tid bit…I’d give the movie a 4 out of 5 and recommend anyone looking for a good story with heart felt parts…and great action see this movie.

Until next time my little chickpeas. -wink-